On Conciousness & Experience

Take a moment to ponder on the fact that thoughts, sensations and feelings are all derived from the same spectrum of  (your) conciousness.

Although they are all perceived as separate to your physical body, the awareness of all 3 of these is derived in the exact same manner.

The sphere of experience is completely subjective to your own perception.

Have you asked yourself this question lately – “what is the nature of my mind?”


The Omnipotent, Omnipresent Law of Attraction

The universal truth, that you attract what you project is a staggering yet life changing realisation that one can come to, honestly and truly.

The understanding that ‘truth’ itself is universally and not individually rooted, therefore cannot be created, only perceived, contains enough power in itself to leave your mind in a constant state of trance like wonder.

Aside from the woes of this world, all of the sorrow, hate and anger, if one can push aside the tiresome bonds of the ego and truly succumb to the blissful embrace of the unseen world, your purpose in this life becomes clearer than the stars on a Spring night.

Our collective purpose becomes clearer.

The infinite well of energy that we all came from is ever-present. It is, pieces of stars from the furthest corner of the universe & the very scent of the pollen in the air we breathe. Completely contained both within and without.
Never divided, never separated, always unified, always anywhere & everywhere all at once.

Happy Spring to those in the Southern Hemisphere 🌻🌅

The Greatest Sorrow 

The greatest sorrow of this world is that man has forgotten who he truly is.

We have renounced our spiritual paths for nothing more than a single lifetimes desire to possess things which carry no real weight, have no real meaning.

Enslaved by the concept of time, we rush to the finish line to leave this world the same way we entered it.

When our journey for this life has come to an end, it is not that of a tangible object which we take with us. It is that which is more profound, omnipotent, omnipresent – Love.

To find Love is as easy as looking up at the night sky and feeling the power of the stars & moon permeate your very existence, sending shivers through your body. Their distant lights so bright you can feel it rush over your skin.

How beautiful that really is.

The Dual Nature of Individuality

Individual | Individuality – Our idea of singular uniqueness.

Is it ironic that the word individuality itself, suggests the existence of a dual nature?

Duality of self? Of the mind? Of the world? Or, of your own reality?

Is this a concept of the mind, perpetuated by a need to feel significant, that takes form in an essenceless separate identity that comes to serve no real tangible meaning to our true purpose?