Experiential Perception of Negativity

Here’s a fleeting thought that I madly scribbled down


Human perception is based upon experience.

Social interaction serves a purpose to build and strengthen your own neurological and emotional pathways so that the negativity of others becomes but a distant spec upon your energetic soul (or, souls).

When negativity is directed towards you from another, the immediate reaction is to absorb and process it at a personal level. Spontaneous negativity affects us as much as we allow it to.

If you observe the leaves on a tree shining and reflecting in the sunlight, you will see no changes to them as the clouds move across the sun momentarily, dulling the atmospheric light. They stay exactly the same as the world around them fluctuates.

Only are the leaves affected after prolonged periods of light absence, the quintessential process for their survival. Effects of momentary negativity can be likened to this. Everything, after all, is momentary, the only constant in life is change.

Consistent and/or frequent absorption of others negative projections will result in your leaves not taking in any light.

Thus resulting in your leaves falling from a branch on the metaphorical tree of life, returning to the Unseen once again.

Such is the unavoidable nature of life however once our time swaying between cause & effect has run its course, all that we take to the other side are our experiences. Energetic impressions hardwired into our souls.

Will you choose to take fear with you, or love? That is the most important question to ask yourself…



The Lonely Universe of Your Chaotic Mind

Have you ever looked into anothers stare only to realise you can see the blackest expanse of space and all its stars at once.

The deepest and emptiest gaze you’ve ever had the pleasure and fear of falling upon. The scarcity that takes you away to another dimension.

A room that doesn’t exist inside this unknown Universe of ours. The lonely Universe of your chaotic mind.

The chaotic mind of a blessed and cursed soul, doomed to be reincarnated in the flesh indefinitely.

An untimely demise is the start of  your time again. Time to retrace the steps of a life lived over and over, lessons still to be learned, it never comes to an end.